Pots Replacement

The FCC and carriers are saying goodbye to copper telephone wires

Phone carriers are literally hanging up on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines.

Copper telephone lines that support (POTS) lines are an aging infrastructure that are becoming more and more expensive to maintain. The FCC and most major telephone providers, such as AT&T, Windstream, Verizon, Lumens & smaller resellers, are making an aggressive POTS replacement push to fiber and wireless connections, with a nationwide roll-out starting in 2022.

The push to fiber and wireless connections comes as no surprise. POTS lines are getting less reliable and more expensive, all while offering fewer options than before the digital push. 

How Does This Affect You?

Many “analog-era” applications – fire and security alarms, elevator systems, phone and voice adapters, point of sale systems, gate access, fax machines, and ATMs – weren’t built with the digital age in mind. These applications require a reliable connection and run inherently better on analog lines. Our POTS replacement service is a simple solution that allows these applications to run seamlessly with a wireless, digital connection. 


Fire & Security Systems

Fax Machines


Voice Applications

Point of Sale

Gate Entry Access


Emergency Safety Systems

Our All-In-One Solution For POTS Replacement

Introducing Epik Edge™

The EPIK Edge™ is a simple solution to a very complex problem. It works by relying on 4G LTE or an internet connection and a built-in lithium battery that is being constantly recharged by a standard 110V power outlet. On top of providing every-day connectivity, in the event of a power outage, the EPIK Edge™ delivers unmatched failover connectivity.
EPIK Pots Replacement Box

Benefits of EPIK Edge™ Pots Replacement

Failsafe Technology

EPIK runs on the most reliable 4G LTE networks, meaning your systems will continue to operate even if your primary service goes down.

Saves You Money

Copper landline costs have tripled in price with future increases likely. EPIK can save you up to 40 to 60% and your per-line cost won’t go up over time.

Increased Reliability

EPIK is more reliable than old POTS lines. Most fixes can even be made remotely to keep your business running smoothly from anywhere.