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AT&T, Verizon, Frontier, Windstream have already begun to send out letters warning of the discontinuation of support for POTS lines. AT&T, Windstream, Verizon, Lumens & smaller resellers will no longer be obligated to service traditional analog landlines by 2022.   Don’t be left behind with outdated technology. 


Telephone companies are increasing the cost of landline service to incentivize customers to newer and less expensive technology.


Emergency lines for elevators, burglar and fire alarms,  and fax lines cannot move to the internet due to the “always-on/always available” life safety requirement.   VOIP lines will not function if the internet goes down or the equipment loses power, which could result in loss of life or injuries if needed during an emergency.  This is a huge liability to the business if someone is injured or dies due to the use of internet-based lines that are not code compliant for a specific application.

Elevator Safety Phones, Emergency Systems, Alarm Adaptors, Gate Entry, Fax Machines, ATMs, and Point of Sale systems.


Our patented solution, Epik Edge, runs over the Verizon network and has a battery backup in case of loss of power for any reason. There are many other advantages including large cost savings in most cases.  A huge advantage to our Epik Edge solution is the fact our PRI’s will interface with existing phone system equipment. There is no need to replace equipment.