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How To Manage Rising POTS Phone Line Costs

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Wait, What Even Are POTS Lines?

Many businesses might unknowingly use Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) phone lines. These analog telephone services once formed the backbone of corporate communication. Consisting of vintage copper wires, they connected telephones, fax machines, DSLs, and alarms.

POTS lines facilitate the connection and power supply to the central switching system of your phone service provider. In contemporary business terminology, they are often categorized along with public switched telephone networks (PSTN).

However, the pricing of POTS phone lines is escalating for several reasons:

  1. The utilization of copper, a now outdated material.
  2. The onset of digital advancements rendered POTS lines obsolete.
  3. The high expenses incurred by telecom companies to maintain POTS infrastructure.

The Shift in POTS Phone Line Pricing

POTS lines are based on analog technology, which is now considered outdated. Copper, being an outdated material, is not only costly to replace but also hard to find. This has propelled telecom companies to minimize their support for analog frameworks as the demand for modern communication solutions heightens.

The introduction of digital mediums for transmitting voice, video, and data has catalyzed the rapid growth of alternative services.

Therefore, establishing a POTS line infrastructure has turned into an expensive endeavor. Since maintaining a non-standard industry infrastructure is a hefty task for telecom companies, it has become imperative for contemporary businesses to rethink their telecom strategies to avoid escalating costs.

Strategies to Counter Rising POTS Phone Line Costs

POTS phone line infrastructure often remains hidden within your telecom inventory, unnoticed. Your internal teams might lack the resources to identify and eliminate obsolete lines or shift to modern technology. Here are three effective strategies to manage the increasing costs of POTS phone lines and cut down your company’s expenditures:

1. Enhance Your Telecom Inventory Management

Streamlining telecom inventory management has numerous advantages, including effectively identifying redundant POTS lines. When executed meticulously, it enables precise tracking, management, and reporting of your organization’s software and IT assets, encompassing fixed and mobile telecom assets.

You might be incurring charges for POTS lines that are no longer in use but are still listed as active. Such discrepancies are common in extensive telecom setups. Allow our team to delve deep into your POTS line specifics, scrutinizing aspects like vendor, location, circuit usage, and connection status, offering you a detailed view of your inventory data. From there, we can outline a POTS Replacement plan to start saving you money on your phone bill every month.

2. Phase Out Redundant POTS Lines

With a comprehensive view of your POTS lines, you can now transition to more economical alternatives. It’s prudent to eliminate lines with scant usage or those that have become obsolete. Embracing the latest technology or opting for more efficient solutions can significantly diminish costs in the long run.

Nonetheless, the large-scale replacement of outdated equipment is a colossal task. It entails managing and removing old gear, procuring new devices, and implementing them organization-wide. Such endeavors could overwhelm any internal team. Fortunately, we offer an all-in-one, turnkey POTS Replacement solution for your business to get you transitioned away from POTS lines without having to rip out your infrastructure.

3. Maintain a Close Eye on Your Bills

Transitioning away from POTS phone lines might not be straightforward. In some cases, maintaining existing infrastructure or gradually transitioning to alternatives might be necessary. Under such circumstances, monitoring your POTS phone line costs closely is critical to prevent any spiraling expenses.

To curb this, undertake a detailed analysis of your telecom bills to comprehend your exact expenditures. Negotiate with your telecom providers for a more favorable pricing structure for your POTS phone lines whenever possible. However, the best way to reduce your phone bill is to contact us for POTS Line Replacement. Doing so can save you up to 60% a month on your phone bills. 

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Escalating POTS phone line costs need not be a reluctant acceptance in your financial books. There are many benefits to our digital POTS line replacement service. Between saving up to 60% a month on phone bills to the ease of installation, transitioning away from POTS line service is a no-brainer. 

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