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POTS Replacement For Assisted Living and Retirement Facilities

POTS Replacement For Assisted Living and Retirement Facilities

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Assisted Living and Retirement Facility Needs POTS Replacement

With FCC POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1 in full effect, assisted living and retirement facilities must evolve alongside technological advancements. The reliance on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines has been a standard, but the time has come to shift to a digital connection. Major telecom providers have phased out their obligation to service POTS lines. Moreover, the costs associated with maintaining POTS lines are escalating rapidly. By opting for a POTS Replacement Service, facilities can save up to 60% monthly, significantly reducing operational costs.

Our Digital POTS Replacement Works For The Following Applications


The proper function of elevators within assisted living and retirement facilities is not just about convenience but necessity. With digital POTS replacement, elevators will receive a consistent, high-quality digital signal. This ensures that emergency call buttons remain functional at all times, even during a power outage. This is a critical feature for the safety of residents. Additionally, digital connectivity allows for more efficient maintenance and monitoring, reducing the likelihood of prolonged downtimes and ensuring smoother operation.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are the first line of defense in emergencies. The transition to a digital POTS replacement means these systems can relay alerts faster and more reliably. This upgrade enhances the monitoring capabilities, ensuring that any signs of fire are immediately communicated to facility management and emergency services. This real-time alerting can be pivotal in minimizing damage and, more importantly, in ensuring the safety of residents.

Gate Entry

Gate entry systems are integral to the security and accessibility of assisted living and retirement facilities. By integrating digital POTS replacement, these systems gain enhanced reliability over a steady connection. Digital connections reduce the likelihood of system failures, ensuring that gates function correctly for emergency vehicle access and routine visits. Additionally, the improved connectivity supports advanced features like remote access controls and video surveillance integration, thereby bolstering overall security.

Fax Machines

While seemingly outdated, fax machines play a vital role in the administrative operations of many facilities. Digital POTS Replacement modernizes these devices, ensuring uninterrupted service and enhanced security for sensitive information transmission. The digital connection also allows for better integration with other digital systems. It streamlines administrative tasks and improves communication efficiency both within the facility and with external entities, all while remaining HIPPA compliant.

POTS Replacement Options for Assisted Living and Retirement Facilities

Granite EPIK

The EPIK Edge™ stands out as a straightforward solution to the challenges posed by POTS and Copper Telephone Line Service. It operates using 4G LTE or an internet connection, backed by a built-in lithium battery constantly recharged by a standard 110V power outlet. Beyond everyday connectivity, EPIK Edge™ provides exceptional failover connectivity in power outages, ensuring continuous operation of essential services.

Benefits of the EPIK Edge™ Include: 

  • Built-in Power Supply
  • 4G LTE Sim Card
  • VOIP via LTE
  • High Speed Connection
  • Uninterrupted Notifications
  • Remote Monitoring

OOMA Airdial

Ooma AirDial represents a reliable POTS line replacement, keeping alert systems and other crucial legacy devices connected. It offers dependable phone service over a dedicated network. Transitioning to Ooma AirDial can reduce monthly phone bills and ensure a stable, operational connection for at least 8 hours during power outages.

Benefits of the OOMA AirDial Include:

  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • Backup Battery
  • Life-Safety Compliant
  • All-Inclusive Solution
  • Flexible Deployment Options

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