POTs Replacement Industries

Which Industries & Systems Need POTS Replacement

Alarm Adapters

Allows fire and burglar alarms to fully operate, even when the power and internet go down.

Emergency Systems

Avoid disaster with a self-contained, reliable connection that works when you need it.

Elevator Adapters

EPIK allows elevator phones and alarms to work at all hours of the day, even when switched to digital.

Voice Adapters

Switch from traditional analog to Voice Over IP via LTE for a stable connection at a lower cost.

Fax Machines

Fax lines that run on EPIK remain HIPPA compliant with a reliable connection that costs less.

Gate Entry

Security and garage entry gates will still operate as usual even when no longer on analog lines.

Point of Sale

Keep growing your business and continue taking electronic payments during power outages.


With 4G internet backup, people can withdraw money without an analog or wifi connection.