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Hotel POTS Line Replacement in Austell, Georgia

Cut the cord on hotel pots lines and save up to 60% a month!

If your hotel’s fax machinesfire and safety alarmselevators, or other common analog applications still work using plain old telephone service lines in Austell, Georgia, we urge you to consider our digital POTS line replacement solution for your hotel communications!

Plain old telephone service (POTS) lines are a dying infrastructure. If your hotel uses analog phone lines, you can expect to see your monthly bill increase. Phone carriers will soon no longer be required to service POTS lines, which means a lower-quality experience for you. Switch to our cellular hotel pots line replacement and receive a more reliable connection over Wi-Fi or 4G LTE that continues to work even if the power goes out.

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The Impact of FCC POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1

The deadline to replace traditional copper analog POTS Lines has passed, but it’s not too late to make the switch!

Due to FCC POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1, telecommunications carriers, such as AT&T, Windstream, Verizon, Lumens, and smaller resellers, are no longer legally required to service POTS Lines. 

The impact of FCC POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1 includes:

  • An Increase in Monthly Pricing – Telecommunications carriers are increasing pricing for existing POTS lines between 75% – 200% in a concentrated effort to force customer migration away from the outdated, dying POTS Line infrastructure.
  • Continuous Reduction in Provided Support – Telecommunication carriers are no longer required to service POTS Lines, making them obsolete and essentially ‘left-for-dead’ technology. Not only will you be left paying more monthly, but you’ll also be paying for the service of copper analog lines that no longer receive maintenance.

Benefits Of Our Hotel POTS Line Replacement in Austell, GA

Traditional hotel POTS lines used to only run on copper analog telephone lines. Now your hotel pots lines can operate via a digital connection. Here are some benefits of our cellular hotel pots line replacement service in Austell, Georgia. 

Significant Monthly Savings 

The FCC and carriers are no longer required to maintain and service analog copper telephone and POTS lines. With our cellular hotel POTS line replacement service, you can save up to 60% on your monthly bill and get a more reliable service compared to traditional hotel phone lines.

Continues Working In Power Outages

Our POTS line replacement devices are powered by a separate battery source and stay on during a power outage.

Improved Safety For Must-Have Connections

Traditional hotel POTS lines can be cut, compromised, or disconnected. Our cellular hotel POTS line replacement service operates over a secure wireless connection. Cellular systems are less likely to be damaged and are more reliable than traditional POTS lines for this reason.

Traditional POTS Lines Are A Dying Infrastructure

Plain old telephone lines (POTS) will become increasingly unreliable as phone carriers stop servicing them. POTS lines are no longer legally required to be serviced by major carriers. These carriers are making the push for their customers to join digital and fiber networks. Don’t be left behind paying an arm and a leg for outdated technology.

HIPPA Compliant

Businesses that still require fax lines to send and accept orders that comply with HIPPA and other regulations need our wireless POTS replacement service. Switch fax lines to run on an EPIK™ or Ooma devices that provide a simple yet elegant redundant path for your calls to take.

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Reliable POTS Replacement Solutions

Cellular POTS Line Replacement Devices For Hotels in Austell

These devices deliver the functionality of traditional hotel POTS lines over a cellular 4G LTE or Wifi connection. They replace existing POTS lines and save you the headache of high costs and the inevitable end-of-life service failures that come with outdated infrastructures. With our wireless hotel phone line replacement devices, you can save money and keep all your hotel systems running smoothly in Austell. 

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